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Psychological Perspectives #65-2: Cooking


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  1.  What’s Cooking? by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  2.  About the Artist: Sandra Vigon by Nancy Mozur


  1. Afterword to a Eulogy by Miles Beller and Charles Beller
  2.  Through the Masks: Mythic Autobiography and the Journal—Reflections From Endless Angles by Jacqueline Feather
  3.  When Light Shines through in Times of Darkness: An Account of the Importance of the Symbolic Image by Marion Anderson
  4.  The Black Iron Baby Boy by Molly Jordan
  5.  Generational Individuation: Who Am I? by Gita Dorothy Morena
  6.  In Praise of Counting Books by Nancy Mozur
  7.  Music, Image, and Archetype: Connecting with the Musical Myth of Our Time by Alexander T. Sill
  8.  The Dream Keepers: On Keeping and Disposing of Personal Journals by K. Lynette Walker
  9.  Sing Yourself Home by Emily Yurcheshen
  10.  Jung’s Quiet Man: A Conversation with Dianne Cordic by Patrick Roth


  1.  Caddisflies in the Lake by Michelle Dyer
  2.  The Counsel of Elders by Lee Verner
  3.  Hestia Welcomes a Guest by Lee Verner
  4.  Dealing with the Devil by Richard Messer
  5.  What She Said by Richard Messer
  6.  Where it Comes From by Richard Messer
  7.  Listen and Remember by Richard Messer

Book Review

  1. Birds of San Pancho and Other Poems of Place (2020). By Lucille Lang Day. Blue Light Press.
    Reviewed by Judith McCombs

Film Review

  1. Arrival and the Myth of Eternal Time
    Reviewed by Joanna Dovalis & John Izod