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Psychological Perspectives #22: The Eternal Quest


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The Eternal Quest: Hidden Rhythms of Stress and Healing in Everyday Life by Ernest Lawrence Rossi


  1. Individuation in Illness: Moving Beyond Blame in Mind-Body Healing by Roger Dafter
  2. Meditation in Alchemy: Images of the Goal in East and West by J. Walter Odajnyk
  3. The Spirit of Transformation in Corporate Life by Murray Stein
  4. The New Yoga of the West: Natural Rhythms of Mind-Body Healing by Ernest Lawrence Rossi

Spiritual Practice

  1. In the Dark of the Moon: A Vision Quest Exploring Native American Views of Menstruation


  1. Reflections Along the Wilderness Trail: Psyche, Soul, and Nature in South Africa by Margaret Johnson


  1. Marie-Louize von Franz: A Woman’s Way


  1. Alchemical Silver: Personal and Ancestral Memories by Nancy Mozur


  1. Flash Flood by Kathryn Huston
  2. The Bride of Cyclops by Kathryn Huston
  3. An Earthen Fable by Joseph Langland
  4. To My Companions on the High Seas by Losing Langland

Book Reviews

  1. Different Strokes for Different Folks by Robin Robertson
  2. After the End of Time. Written by Robin Robertson.
    Reviewed by John Sandford
  3. The Soul’s High Adventure: Joseph Campbell Revisited
    Reviewed by James Hollis
  4. Essays on Contemporary Events. Written by C. G. Jung
    Reviewed by James Hollis
  5. Dream Review by Lily-Iona Souice
  6. Wisdom and the Senses. Written by Joan Erikson.
    Reviewed by Lily-Iona Souice
  7. Jung and Reich: The Body As Shadow. Written by John Conger.
    Reviewed by Marvin J. Spiegelman
  8. The February Man. Written by Ernest Rossi.
    Reviewed by Joseph Cyne
  9. Reclaiming the Inner Child. Written by Jeremiah Abrams.
    Reviewed by Sharon Heath
  10. Power Politics. Written by Jerome Bernstein.
    Reviewed by John Sanford

Film and Video

  1. Let’s Do the Right Thing and Thorsen’s James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket.
    Reviewed by Anne Conway

Music Review

  1. Women in New Age Music by Lee Underwood

Computer Comples

  1. Mathematica, The Great Equalizer? by Ernest Lawrence Rossi
Publisher:The C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
Publication Date:1990