Established as the first clinic in the world offering Jungian analysis on a sliding-fee scale, the Kieffer Frantz Clinic bears the name of its founder and first director.

Licensed by the State of California Department of Health Services, the Kieffer E. Frantz Clinic provides Jungian analysis and psychotherapy to adults unable to afford the standard fees of private practice. Clinical services for children and adolescents are provided through the Hilde Kirsch Children’s Center. Services also include couples counseling and family therapy.

Clinic therapists include Jungian analysts, licensed psychotherapists in the analyst training program, and field placement interns working under supervision. Therapists are highly qualified, and carefully selected.

Anyone interested in the clinic should call the Institute for an application or download the application in the menu bar. Following the receipt of your application, you will be contacted in 2-4 weeks by telephone. After this initial contact, placement may be immediate or take several weeks, depending on available openings.