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Psychological Perspectives #64-4: Unus Mundus


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  1. Unus Mundus by Christophe Le Mouël
  2.  About the Artist: Tom Wudl by Nancy Mozur


  1.  Some Reflections on the Unus Mundus: The Totality of the World of Inner Relations by Gotthilf Isler
  2.  The Beauty of Terror: Portrait of an Archetypal Landscape by Michelle Frantom
  3. Jung and Beyond by Eduard C. Heyning
  4.  Carl Jung and the Ghosts by Claudia Richter
  5.  Hungry Ghosts by Meredith Sabini
  6.  Psyche and Nature: Navigating the Politics of Existence by Lynlee Lyckberg
  7.  The Flammarion Engraving and Its Symbolic Potential by Laurence Browne


  1. Featured Poet: Steven Lautermilch by Naomi Lowinsky
  2. Portrait of a Dream By Steven Lautermilch
  3. Sequence for a Desert Moon by Steven Lautermilch

Book Review

  1. Decoding Jung’s Metaphysics: The Archetypal Semantics of an Expanded Universe. (2021). By Bernard Kastrup
    Reviewed by Eduard C. Heyning

Film Review

  1. Beasts of the Southern Wild. (2012). Directed by Benh Zeitlin.
    Reviewed by Barbara Birge.