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Psychological Perspectives #58-2: Environment: Inner and Outer


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The Environment: Inner and Outer by Gilda Frantz
About the Artist: James Griffith by Nancy Mozur
In Memoriam: Ian Player by Margaret Phillips Johnson
Reflections Along the Wilderness Trail by Margaret Phillips Johnson


  1. This Glorious Darkness: Reflections from the John Muir Trail by Betsy Perluss
  2. Psyche in Ocean by Ida LaChiusa
  3. When an Old Friend Dies by Patricia Damery
  4. “We Are Sexual Every Minute of Our Lives”: An Interview with Thomas Moore by Rob Henderson
  5. Earth Angel and the Tohu Bohu by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  6. Active Imagination: A Passport to the Soul by Molly Jordan
  7. Psyche within the Matrix of the Natural World: Emergence, Restoration, and Sustainability by Barbara Holifield
  8. Turning Honey into Gold by Lily Iona MacKenzie


  1. This Body by Lynette Walker
  2. Estrangement by Teresa Williams
  3. A Reconciliation by Teresa Williams
  4. When it arrives by Richard Berengarten
  5. Approach me not by Richard Berengarten
  6. Now, cup by Richard Berengarten

Book Review

  1. Carins. (2012). By David B. Williams.
    Reviewed by Joel Weishaus

Film Review

  1. Boyhood. (2014). Directed by Richard Linklater.
    Reviewed by Christopher Miller
Publisher:The C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.35 x 9 inches
Publication Date:2015