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Jung’s Circle of Women : The Valkyries

By: Maggy Anthony


C. G. Jung opened up a whole new world exploring the psychology of individuation. Among his most ardent followers were a group of women who came to him to be healed, and who worked closely with his ideas. These women had the courage to explore both the need for a spiritual link with a man like Jung, and their own deepest feminine roots. For this book, Maggy Anthony interviewed people close to these women and respectfully shares their stories with readers on a similar path. 8 pages of photographs.

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C. G. Jung, who accomplished nothing short of a revolution in analytical psychology, made a unique impact, both directly and indirectly, on a very large number of people. At a time when some still believed that women did not have souls, Jung took women seriously and felt that it was important that they have their own work. From the very beginnings of his private practice, Jung had a disproportionately large number of women patients. The women came from all over the world to be healed and many remained as analysts, colleagues, or helpers of one sort or another. These are the women who had the courage to explore both the need for a spiritual link with a man like Jung and their own deepest feminine roots, and who became known as the Valkyries.

From Jung’s mother Emilie Periswerk Jung, to his wife Emma Jung, from the early days in Zurich, to a consideration of the Valkyries themselves in their work, Maggy Anthony presents a lucid and highly readable analysis of this group of women who were not only influenced by Jung, but who proved to have a crucial influence on him. Anthony respectfully shares their stories with modern readers who want to understand Jung and the impact his ideas had while he was learning–and living–his work.

Publisher:Nicolas-Hays Inc.
About the Author:Maggy Anthony spent a study year at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich and holds a certificate in Psychological Social Work from the Clinic and Research Center for Jungian Psychology in Zurich. She has lectured and given seminars on Jungian psychology, dreams, mythology, women's spirituality and journaling all over the Western United States, and most recently New York.
Product Dimensions:5.37 x 8.24 x 0.46 inches
Publication Date:1999