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Acrobats of the Gods: Dance and Transformation

By: Joan Dexter Blackmer


Relating the rigors of dance to the travails of the alchemical opus, the author, herself a former Martha Graham dancer, allows us to experience the process that for many gives birth to an enhanced awareness of the Self. A timely reminder of the interaction between body and soul.

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Recent years in the Western world have seen an explosion of interest in personal growth, both mental and physical. Much has been written about the spiritual and psychological aspects of this movement, but little about the meaning of physical development.

This lucid book is written by a woman in the unique position of having trained in both modern dance and the principles of Jungian psychology. With the heart-felt knowledge of a dancer and the hard-won objectivity of a therapist, she explains how the poles of matter and psyche are connected in a dancer’s world.

“What is dance?” she asks. “What is physical consciousness and how is it achieved? What is the purpose in making the body a responsive instrument of the ego and a servant of the spirit?”

The author’s basic thesis is that anyone undergoing a physical training process is working on the material of his or her own being. Leading us through rigors of dance training, and relating it to the alchemical opus, she allows us to experience with new understanding the pain and labor for many gives birth to an enhanced awareness of the Self.

After centuries of belief in the value of repressing physical instincts, here is a timely reminder that without the body there is no soul.

Publisher:Inner City Books
Edition:1st Edition
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.5 x 8.8 inches
Publication Date:September 1, 1989