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Aspects of the Masculine

By: C. G. Jung


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Aspects of the Masculine is a collection of C. G. Jung’s most important contributions to the depth psychological understanding of masculinity, not only the psychology of men but also the essence of masculinity in both sexes. Edited and with an introduction by John Beebe, the selection from Jung’s works that are presented here include some of the most far-ranging observations on the differences between men’s and women’s psychology ever recorded. As Beebe’s introduction makes clear, this work was rooted in Jung’s own earliest fantasies about the nature of masculinity and still offers contemporary men a chance to understand their own psychology better. Among the topics covered are love relations between men and women, the boy’s relation to the mother, early masculine archetypes, the hero, initiation, homosexuality, the father, the stages of life, the nature of logical development in men in the second half of life, the nature of unconscious masculinity in women, the unconscious femininity in men, masculine wisdom, and the nature of the masculine spirit.

Publisher:Princeton University Press
Product Dimensions:8.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches
Editor:John Beebe
Translator:R.F.C. Hull
Publication Date:1991