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Working with Images: The Theoretical Base of Archetypal Psychology

By: Benjamin Sells


Working with Images is an indispensable volume for all those who are drawn to the mystery of soul and imagination. For the student of psychology, these essays sketch many of the formative ideas behind one of the most exciting and challenging psychological movements of our day. For the lover of images and ideas, this book is a feast.

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What began as a “Postscript” to the 1970 issue of the Spring Journal has in the past twenty-five years come to offer the most broad-ranging, radical, and serious alternative to modern ego-based psychology. Archetypal psychology challenges orthodox psychological thinking by replacing its humanistic and scientific assumptions with a psychology founded in soul. Of the hundreds of psychological theories, only archetypal psychology has, from the beginning, insisted on a constant re-visioning of psychology’s own ideas. Others argue ideology–archetypal psychology insists on a psychology guided by aesthetic concerns and polytheistic imagining.

Working with Images focuses on the theory and practice of archetypal psychology as set forth by some of its pioneering theoreticians and practitioners. Included are James Hillman’s classic essays, “Archetypal Psychology: Monotheistic or Polytheistic,” “Peaks and Vales,” and “Image-Sense,” as well as selections from Thomas Moore, Wolfgang Giegerich, Patricia Berry, Mary Watkins, and others.


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Publisher:Spring Publications
Edition:1st Edition
About the Author:Benjamin Sells is a psychotherapist and counselor whose practice specializes in working with individuals and groups within the legal profession. Apart from his psychological background, he also is a former litigator with a large Chicago law firm and the author of THE SOUL OF THE LAW and ORDER IN THE COURT.
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.6 x 8.9 inches
Publication Date:May 1, 2000