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Reminiscences of C. G. Jung and his Influences Today (download)


In this lecture, Laurens van der Post shares reminiscences of his friendship with C.G. Jung.


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In this lecture, Laurens van der Post shares reminiscences of his friendship with C.G. Jung. He tells us that one could not get a full measure of the C.G. Jung unless one met him. In order to know the man better, he decided to bring Jung’s voice. In the fifties, during an Eranos conference in Ascona, Switzerland, van der Post persuaded a skeptical Jung to be recorded. In a fragment of this recording that we can listen to in the present lecture—probably the first audio recording of Jung—Jung tells a unique story about his childhood which illustrates why he became a psychologist; talks about his collaboration with Freud; and makes profound commentaries on the image God, the shadow side of human nature, and the importance of the individual. The portrait painted of Jung and his influence in modern times is most personable and moving.

Download- Format: MP3 – Duration: 57 min – Also available in CD format. 

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