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Psychological Perspectives #61-1: Winds of Change


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  1. Winds of Change by Gilda Frantz
  2. About the Artist: Keiko Fukazawa by Susanna Meiers


  1. In Memory: Katherine (Katie) M. Sanford June 13, 1917–October 13, 2017 by Christophe Le Mouël
  2. In Memory: J. Marvin Spiegelman May 26, 1926–September 22, 2017 – Barry Miller


  1. Repatriating a Mind at Sea: Contribution to a Panel Discussion on the Seismic Shifts in Ruling Principles by Carolyn Bates
  2. Different Realities: What Is Reality and What Difference Does It Make? by Jerome S. Bernstein
  3. A Nation Caught in Regression: Contribution to a Panel Discussion on the Seismic Shifts in Ruling Principles by Pete Williams
  4. Watching the Murmurations: Contribution to a Panel Discussion on the Seismic Shifts in Ruling Principles by Catharine J. Jones
  5. America—Still in the Hero’s Grip by Anja Stadelmann Wright
  6. Confronting the Trickster: Crises and Opportunity in the Time of Trump—A Jungian Perspective by William K. Grevatt
  7. No Way Out but Through by Richard E. Messer
  8. Uncle Toros: Towards Understanding Genocide through Dreams by Ara Chutjian
  9. The Beyond Within: An Interview about Aging with Gilda Frantz and Katie Sanford by Robert S. Henderson
  10. The Mahabharata by Corey Hooper
  11. “True Religion”: Individuation, Alchemy, and Poetry by Elizabeth Deedy Young
  12. The Muse of Exile by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky


  1. Earthquake by Fifi Bronstein
  2. I Never Embrace My Identical Twin by Ahna Fertik
  3. Walking My Route by Ahna Fertik
  4. In the Wild Wake by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  5. On the Mexican Side of the American Wall by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

Book Reviews

  1. Stone By Stone: Reflections On The Psychology Of C .G. Jung. (2017). Edited by Andreas Schweizer and Regine Schweizer-Vuellers. Einsiedeln, Switzerland: Daimon Verlag. Reviewed by Thomas Elsner
  2. A Pilgrimage Beyond Belief: Spiritual Journeys Through Christian and Buddhist Monasteries of the American West. (2017). Edited by Dennis Patrick Slattery. Kettering, OH: Angelico Press. Reviewed by Susan Rowland

Film Review

  1. The Light Between Oceans. (2016). Directed by Derek Cianfrance. Written for the Screen by Derek Cianfrance, From the Novel By M. L. Stedman. Reviewed by Arlene Diane Landau