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Psychological Perspectives #55-2: C. G. Jung and the Kabbalah


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C.G. Jung and the Kabbalah by Gilda Frantz


  1. Kabbalah, Jungian Psychology, and the Challenge of Contemporary Atheism by Sanford L. Drob
  2. Jung, Kabbalah, and Gnosis by Stephan A. Hoeller
  3. King David’s Individuation Process Seen through a Kabbalistic Lens by Mel Gottlieb
  4. Kabbalistic Influences on Alchemy, Psychoanalysis, and Analytic Psychology by Charles H Silverstein
  5. Four: A Reflection on the Wholeness of Nature, Part III by Christophe Le Mouel


  1. I Could Be by Carey Miller
  2. Waking  by Carey Miller
  3. Late Roses by Robin van Loben Sels
  4. Lament for Persephone by Strawn Bovee
  5. Growth by Lori Levy
  6. What Do You Mean When You Say Green?

Book Reviews

  1. Kabbalistic Visions: C. G. Jung and Jewish Mysticism. (2010). Written by Sanford L. Drob
    Reviewed by J. Marvin Spiegelman
  2. The History of My Body. (2011). Written by Sharon Heath
    Reviewed by Molly Jordan
  3. Tragic Beauty: The Dark Side of Venus Aphrodite and the Loss and Regeneration of the Soul. (2011). Written by Arlene Diane Landau
    Reviewed by Deborah Wesley

Film Reviews

  1. A Dangerous Method. (2011). Directed by David Cronenberg
    Reviewed by Nancy Furlotti
  2. A Dangerous Method. (2011). Directed by David Cronenberg
    Reviewed by Brockton D. Hill
Publisher:C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.35 x 9 inches
Publication Date:2012