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Psychological Perspectives #64-3: Cultural Images


Psychological Perspectives, Volume 64, Issue 3 (2021).

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  1. Cultural Images by Pamela Freundl Kirst
  2.  About the Art: Masks by Nancy Mozur


  1.  The Rebirth and Renewal of Psychological Types by Vicky Jo Varner
  2.  Glacial Grieving: Melting the Ice Within to See the World Renewed by Sarah D. Norton
  3.  The Old Woman and the Birds: Toward a Grounded Feminine by Barbara Platek
  4.  The Closing by Rachel Hoffman
  5.  Transgender Children: The Making of a Modern Hysteria by Lisa Marchiano
  6.  Defacing Dionysus: The Fabrication of an Anti-Transgender Myth by Nicholas S. Literski
  7.  The Jaguar, The Fire, The Man: A Jungian Interpretation of a Brazilian Indigenous Tale by Inácio Cunha
  8.  Implications of the Worldwide Appeal of Japanese Anime: softening the Ground for a Relationship with the Other by John R. Ranyard
  9.  Structuring the Matrix of Mourning: Walt Whitman’s Quaternity Tribute to Abraham Lincoln by Brandon James O’Neil
  10.  Any Similarities are Purely Coincidental by Miles Beller
  11.  Eros in the Closet by Jory Kahn
  12.  The Detective Function of the Psyche by Diana Arias Henao


  1. Sister Poems by Jane M. Downs
  2. Under Construction by Steven Schneider
  3. Man Meeting by Robert Henderson
Publication Date:2021