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Psychological Perspectives #64-1: The Star in Man


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  1. The Star in Man by Lance Owens
  2. About the Artists: Victor Raphael and Clayton Spada by Nancy Mozur


  1.  The Star in Man: C. G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz on the Alchemical Philosophy of Gerard Dorn by Thomas Willard
  2.  The Soul’s Logical Life and Jungian Schisms- Daniel Anderson
  3.  A Symbol in the Truth of Things by Thomas Elsner
  4.  The Crucible of Soul Logos by Carmen Kobor
  5.  A Logical Theory of Life by Christophe Le Mouël
  6.  The Invisible Heartbeat: The Beauty and Soul of Mathematics by Víctor Mañosa
  7.  Surprise: Complementarity, Opposites, and Staying Alive by Pamela Freundl Kirst

In Memoriam

  1.  In Memory of Dennis Saleh by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky


  1. An Encounter by Raïna Manuel-Paris
  2. Dream-Icon by M. Ann Reed

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