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Psychological Perspectives #63-3-4: In Relation


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  1. Take a Knee by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  2. About the Artist: Douglas Newton by Nancy Mozur


  1.  The Couple Relationship as a Symptom: Individuative and Anti-Individuative Forces in the Relational Field by Giorgio Tricarico
  2.  The Unquiet Ghosts of Jung’s Abandoned Women: What Do We Owe Helene, Sabina, and Toni? by Susan C. Roberts
  3. Waiting and Watching in the Wanderings of Life by Kathryn Kuisle
  4.  Comedian George Carlin: Thinking Like an Archetypal Psychologist through His Critique of Language by Brian Falk
  5. Confronting Age, Technology, and My Inferior Function by Christi Taylor-Jones
  6.  Inferior Sensation Takes a Journey by Pamela Freundl Kirst
  7. Child and Fool in the Western Wisdom Tradition by David Kennedy
  8. The Stranger in Women’s Dreams by Kate Marcus

Book Review

  1.  The Human Soul (Lost) in Transition at the Dawn of a New Era. (2018). By Erel Shalit with Contributions by Nancy Swift Furlotti
    Reviewed by Monika Wikman


  1. An Exploration of the Chingada Complex: The Legacy of Conquest by Jorge de la O
  2. Eros and the Value of Relatedness: The Lineage of an Enduring Friendship between Carl Jung and Ochwiay Biano by Willow Young
  3. Corona: Facing the Unknown and Finding Oneself by Brian Gleason
  4. A Consideration of Jung’s Dream: The Other Bollingen by Elizabeth Young
  5. The Wounded Healer: An Interview with Sharon Heath, Ken Larsen, and Christa Robinson by Robert Henderson
  6. Dancing with the Creative: In Conversation with Sharon Heath by Pamela Freundl Kirst


  1. Found Poem by Jane Margaret Hunt
  2. Radar by Jane Margaret Hunt
  3. Man from Montana by Stephen Witty
  4. Light Keeper by Mathew Spano
  5. River Song by Mathew Spano
  6. Judy Wells: Featured Poet by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  7. Ancestor Exorcism by Judy Wells

Book Reviews

  1.  Jungian Literary Criticism: The Essential Guide. (2019). By Susan Rowland. Edited by Luke Hockley.
    Reviewed by Dennis Patrick Slattery
  2. I Only Went Out for a Walk: Finding My Wilderness Soul on a California Ranch. (2018). By Doyle Hollister
    Reviewed by Monika Wikman

Film Review

  1.  First Reformed. (2017). Written and Directed by Paul Schrader.
    Reviewed by Arlene Diane Landau

Television Series Review

  1. Babylon Berlin. (2017-). Directed by Tom Tykwer, Hendrik Handloegten, and Achim Von Borries.
    Reviewed by Linda Schierse Leonard
Publication Date:2020