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Psychological Perspectives #61-4: Number, Matter, and Psyche


Psychological Perspectives, Volume 61, Issue 4 (2018).

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  1. Number, Matter, and Psyche by Gilda Frantz
  2. About the Artists: Dennis Keeley and Mike Diehl by Nancy Mozur and Mike Diehl


  1. Jung’s Axioms: An Introduction to Jung’s “Note on Number” by Christophe LeMouel
  2. Note on Number by C.G. Jung
  3. In Loving Memory of Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz by Nora Mindell
  4. An Introduction to Marie-Louise von Franz’s Number and Time by J. Gary Sparks
  5. Logic’s Tower of Babel by Robin Robertson
  6. My Art by the Numbers by Robert Earl Dewar
  7. Dinergy: The Primordial Meta-Pattern in Nature by Richard Ott
  8. Archetype X: Visible and Invisible Otherness by Sarah Nevin Welsh


  1. Ramón García, Featured Poet: Brother Bluebeard and Other Poems by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

A Bluebeard Suite

  1. Brother Bluebeard by Ramón García
  2. Conversion by Ramón García
  3. The Eternal Feminine by Ramón García
  4. Conquistador by Ramón García
  5. Survivor’s Guilt by Ramón García
  6. Displacement by Ramón García
  7. Revolution by Ramón García

Book Reviews

  1. Inner Voices: And Other Essays on Jungian Psychology. (2017). By Robin Robertson
    Reviewed by Ann Walker
  2. Tizita. (2017). By Sharon Heath
    Reviewed by Frances Hatfield

Film Review

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life. (1946).
    Directed by Frank Capra, Screenplay by F. Goodrich, A. Hackett, & F. Capra. Adapted from the Book The Greatest Gift, by Philip van Doren Stern
    Reviewed by Jeanine Roose
Publication Date:2018