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Psychological Perspectives #61-3: The Age of Imagination


Psychological Perspectives, Volume 61, Issue 3 (2018).

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  1. The Age of Imagination by Gilda Frantz
  2. About the Artist: Peter Zokosky by Nancy Mozur


  1. The Age of Imagination by Christophe Le Mouël
  2. Sgt. Pepper Summer by Rip Rense
  3. Fishing: Finding One’s Way to the Unconscious by Deborah Wesley
  4. The March from Selma to Montgomery and the Nonviolent Movement in Analysis by Renee M. Cunningham
  5. “With Love Like Lion-Eyes”: Confronting Our Racial Shadow by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  6. Engaging the Paleolithic Images of Chauvet Cave by Nicholas S. Litersky
  7. Facing the Scar by Nancy Mozur
  8. A Quanta of Light and the Artistic Process: As Above, So Below by Gavin Pierce


  1. When you wake from a long dream by Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld
  2. Way Out by Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld
  3. Reprieve by Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld
  4. Coyotl by D.M. Solis
  5. A Butterfly with Turquoise Wings by Jenny Wrenn
  6. If I Knew You Better by Jenny Wrenn
  7. Lee’s Tree by Jenny Wrenn
  8. The Sed by Dennis Saleh
  9. Solstice Etude by Dennis Saleh

Book Reviews

  1. The Unseen Partner: Love and Longing in the Unconscious. (2016). By Diane Croft.
    Reviewed by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  2. And now, back to Mannix. (2014). By JoAnn Paul.
    Reviewed by John R. White

Film Reviews

  1. Wonder Woman. (2017). Directed by Patty Jenkins. Screenplay by Allan Heinberg. Story by Zach Snyder, Allan Heinberg, & Jason Fuchs.
    Reviewed by Steven Galipeau
Publication Date:2018