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Psychological Perspectives #19-2: Fall-Winter 1988


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A Mind-Gene Connection by Ernest Lawrence Rossi


  1. Navajo Healing: Aesthetics as Healer by Ronald Schenk
  2. In the Beginning: Jung and Freud on Introversion by Richard Capobianco
  3. Personal and Archetypal Factors in Psychological Development by Edward Edinger
  4. How Bell Proved Reality Cannot Be Local by Nick Herbert


  1. The Introverted Jung: Conversations with Barbara Hannah by Barbara Hannah
  2. Nonlocality in Physics in Psychology: An Interview with John Stewart Bell by John Stewart Bell
  3. Science and Synchronicity: A Conversation with C.A. Meier by C.A. Meier


  1. Learning to Dream by Suzi Gablik


  1. Looking in Windows by Michael S. Glaser
  2. Poetry is Off Off Broadway by Michael S. Glaser
  3. Heartsick by Cynthia Tuell
  4. Pictures of Belsen by Susan Schreibman
  5. Rescue by Cynthia Tuell

Book Reviews

  1. “Go for the Bliss” by Joseph Campbell
    Reviewed by Donna M. Spencer
  2. The Art of the Novel by Milan Kundera
    Reviewed by Miles Beller
  3. Margins of Reality by R.G. Jahn and B.J. Dunne
    Reviewed by David Moonitz
  4. The Psychology of C.G. Jung: Vol.2: Meaning and Significance of Dreams by C.A. Meier
    Reviewed by Marvin J. Spiegelman
  5. Mind-Body Therapy: Methods of Ideodynamic Healing in Hypnosis by Ernest Rossi and David Cheek
    Reviewed by Charles B. Mutter
  6. The Book of the Self: Person, Pretext and Process by P. Young-Eisendrath & J. Hall
    Reviewed by James Hollis
  7. Love, Celibacy, and the Inner Marriage by John P. Dourley
    Reviewed by John A. Sanford
  8. Touching: Body Therapy and Depth Psychology by Deldon McNeely
    Reviewed by Anita Greene
  9. Oedipus at Thebes: A Classical Drama by Akhter Ahsen
    Reviewed by Lois Parker
  10. “Annie Dillard, Contemporary Christian Mystic?”
    Reviewed by Richard Messer

Computer Complexes

  1. Jung, Archetypes and TK Solver Plus by Ernest Rossi


  1. ASD: A Dream Association Movement Towards Reality by Jeremiah Abrams
Publication Date:1988