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Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature


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Rage… jealousy… lying… resentment… blaming… greed…

These forbidden feelings and behaviors arise from the dark, denied part of ourselves-the personal shadow. Everyone has a shadow, which begins to develop in childhood a result of stuffing away negative feelings in order to build a proper ego. We encounter our shadow when we feel an unexplainable dislike of someone, when we uncover a long-buried, unacceptable trait in ourselves, or when we feel overwhelmed by anger, envy, or shame.

In a collection of 65 wide-ranging articles, Meeting the Shadow presents an overview of the dark side of human nature as it appears in families, intimate relationships, sexuality, work, spirituality, the New Age, politics, psychotherapy, and creativity.

It also offers tools for individual development by teaching shadow-work, which enables us to -achieve a more genuine and complete self-acceptance -defuse the negative emotions that erupt in daily life -release the guilt and shame associated with negativity -recognize the projections that color our opinions about others – recognize the projections that color our opinions about others -and use writing, drawing, and dreams to reclaim the disowned parts of ourselves.

Publisher: Penguin
Editor: Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams
Publication Date: 1991