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Legacy of Darkness and Light: Our Cultural Icons and Their God Complex by Michael Gellert



To Be Signed

“A fascinating exploration of what the God of the Old Testament might tell us about ourselves.” – Kirkus Reviews

“. . . a powerful, fearless text about the human condition . . .” – Beverley Zabriskie, Jungian Analyst and Author

“[An] important book.” – Lionel Corbett, MD, Professor of Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

What do Niccolo Machiavelli, Abraham Lincoln, Martha Stewart, Vladimir Putin, and Mel Gibson have in common? In their own ways, they each resemble the stormy God of the Hebrew Bible, Yahweh-known as the Father in the New Testament and Allah in the Qur’an. Whether or not we believe in his existence, we are all susceptible to the Yahweh complex, a distinct god complex modeled upon his attitudes, emotional style, and behaviors. Like the deity itself, the complex can be positive or dark, influencing our relationships, our social environment and culture, our public affairs and international relations, our treatment of the earth, and, of course, our religions. Legacy of Darkness and Light explores both sides of this complex. Drawing upon the experiences of famous individuals as well as the larger factors that shape history, Legacy aims to help us recognize and understand our own Yahweh complex in order to deal with it in a healthy, conscious, and self-empowered way.

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Paperback, Hardcover