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Celtic Mysteries: The Ancient Religion

By: John Sharkey


The last tribal culture in Europe was that of the Celts, whose landscape and traditions echo ancient symbols of death and rebirth. The Celtic religion relies on oral history, maintaining its laws and tribal teachings through shared memory. The Mysteries begin in the frenzy of battle, where the hero is transfigured and the god appears; or in a ghostly circle of stones left by an unknown people; or in the mystic center of the Celtic cross; or in the stone heads of Gaul and Ireland, which face both ways.

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The Celtic Mysteries took shape in the flux of in-between states: the twilight of dawn and dusk; the dew and mist, neither air nor water; the warrior’s demi-divine frenzy; and the dream-state between life and death. Bards and Druids evoked a supernatural landscape of spirits and omens, heroic deeds and wonder voyages, all echoed in the sinuous patterns, potent symbols and shape-shifting figures of Celtic art.

117 illustrations, 42 in color

Publisher:Thames & Hudson
About the Author:John Sharkey is a lifelong scholar of Celtic ancient history, spirituality and archeology. His works include studies of Ogham monuments, Welsh rock art, Celtic high crosses and traditional medicine.
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.45 x 8.25 inches
Publication Date:2013