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By: Richard Heller


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Early on in Richard Heller’s anecdotal and picaresque Blueprints, Heller’s protagonist, Alan, must ride and break a dangerous rearing horse; when they fall to the earth, Alan, unhurt, leans close to the horse and whispers: “You can no longer do this and I’m going to stay with you and help you.” and so Alan does-with this wayward horse. And so Richard Heller does-with this feral wild child of a book until with the help of a variety of beloved horses, dogs, the great outdoors, a woman, a child, a house, and a remarkable array of American and Scottish friends, Alan finds his way back to the path. A path filled with the complexity of resentment and passion, rebellion and tenderness, where a wounded man, still searching, is on his heartfelt journey, headed home.

Publisher:Road Scholar Publishing Group
About the Author:Richard Heller has spent most of his life on horse back, skis, bike, or on foot in California's High Sierras, Alaska, Mexico and recently the Highlands of Scotland. A farrier and blacksmith for 35 years, he spend 7 of those first years working with with troubled children as a horseback riding instructor. As a writer his subject matter is diverse, ranging from poetry to technical writing for the horse industry. As a sculptor, his bronze works are as varied as his writing, from a holocaust survivor to a series of wolves. Throughout his time he has built things, including his own home in the Hollywood Hills. Heller was born in Los Angeles and now lives in Washington State.
Product Dimensions:8.75 x 5.5 x 0.75 inches
Publication Date:2011