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A Jungian Approach to Spontaneous Drawing: A Window on the Soul

By: Patricia Anne Elwood


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In A Jungian Approach to Spontaneous Drawing, Patricia Anne Elwood provides an accessible and thought-provoking introduction to exploring spontaneous images, focusing on the value of this tool for insight into the unconscious. Illustrated with drawings of clients throughout, the book poignantly demonstrates how one can connect and access the spheres within through drawing, and how this process can reveal the unexpected.

Elwood begins by accessibly introducing key Jungian concepts and exploring Jung’s belief in the power of spontaneity as an invaluable tool in one’s journey to the soul. As well as illuminating spontaneity, an oft-forgotten aspect of Jung’s psychology, she explores themes including structure and dynamics, symbols and archetypal patterns.

A Jungian Approach to Spontaneous Drawing also examines common motifs including houses, trees and people, and presents extended studies of work with children and adults and how their drawings relate and reveal Jungian ideas. Offering both practical and theoretical perspectives, this book demonstrates the universal benefits of spontaneous drawing for all age groups, helping people to find true release from unconscious blockages and traumas lying dormant in the depths of their own psyche.

Publisher: Routledge
About the Author: Patricia Anne Elwood attended the Jung Institute in Zurich, where she completed her post-graduate diplomas in analytical psychology for children and adolescents and for adults. She lives and practices in Lausanne, Switzerland
Publication Date:2020