The Max & Lore Zeller Library

The Max and Lore Zeller Library provides a specialized collection of over 6,500 volumes Max ZellerLore Zeller on Jungian psychology and related subjects including:

  • sandplay therapy,
  • general psychology,
  • anthropology,
  • mythology,
  • religion,
  • art and symbolism.

Informally established in the 1940s to meet the needs of individuals interested in learning more about analytical psychology, in 1983 the library was officially named after Max and Lore Zeller to honor their contributions.

There are over 6,500 books, 800 audio and video tapes and DVDs, and 16 journals available to the analytical community and the general population through an affordable membership fee.


Library hours are Monday - Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


  • Anima (partial),
  • Chiron,
  • Dragonflies (partial),
  • Dreamworks (partial),
  • Guild of Pastoral Psychology,
  • Harvest (partial),
  • Journal of Analytical Psychology,
  • Journal of Sandplay Therapy,
  • Parabola,
  • Psychological Perspectives,
  • The San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal,
  • Sphinx (partial),
  • Spring,
  • Quadrant.


As a private-member library, we are accessible to local residents for a membership fee of $25 . Overdues are charged at the rate of $.25 per day (or, for tapes and CDs , videos and DVDs, a renewal fee equal to the original rental fee). Lost items are billed at the current cost of replacing and processing.

Material Rental  Fee  Rental Period
Books and journals   none 3 weeks
Lecture CDs/tapes   $1/item3 weeks
DVDs/video tapes   $5/item 1 week

We are not associated with any interlibrary loan service and do not mail books.

Copying materials for private study, scholarship or research purposes:

  • You may copy material at the Institute for yourself at .15/page.
  • You may ask the librarian to copy material for you (no more than 30 pages will be copied; and the librarian will take care of more urgent matters first); the fee will be $.20/page if you pick it up, and $.40/page plus postage if you wish it to be mailed.
  • You may request that materials be faxed to you at $1.00/page; scanning and faxing is done by the office staff, whose other duties must take precedence.
We request that fees be paid by check but ask for a credit card number to hold as security while we wait for payment.