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A Conversation about C.G. Jung and his Work with Maud Oakes

“To me he (Jung) was a very wise man, and a doctor, a woodsman and a shaman…those four things. I think he was one of the most important men of his time.”

Born in Seattle, Maud Oakes later moved to New York, where she pursued her education and her interests in art and Ethnology. In 1951 she met Jung personally when she went with her cousin Jerome Hill to film him at his Bollingen Tower. Maud had lived among the Navajo in New Mexico and among the Mam Indians of Guatemala. She published two significant books reporting on myths and ceremonies of those tribes. Where the Two Came to Their Father, and The Two Crosses of Todos Santos are among the first publications in the Bollingen Series. Here Maud speaks of these experiences and tells of her later analysis with Joseph Henderson, M.D. with whom she collaborated on another book of myths and legends: The Wisdom of the Serpent. Maud describes her long process of writing her final book, The Stone Speaks, inspired by Jung’s carved stone in the garden at Bollingen. She died in Carmel, California in 1990.

This conversation was held in Big Sur in the summer of 1980 with Suzanne Wagner, Ph.D., a Jungian analyst practicing in Sausalito, California.