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Psychological Perspectives,60-3
Gender Diversity

Contents include:

Diversity: A Problem in Common by John Beebe

Archetypal Hatred: Orlando Consciousness by Brian Gleason

Longing for the Feminine: Reflections on Love, Sexual Orientation, Individuation, and the Soul by Diane Eller-Boyko and Fran Grace

Gender Equations: Experiences of the Syzygy on the Archetypal Spectrum by Bradley A. TePaske

Genders as Theaters: They Dionysian Dismemberment of the Culturally Normative Narrative in Service to the Self by David Solem

Outbreak: On Transgender Teens and Psychic Epidemics by Lisa Marchiano

"Should I Also Make a Garden Out of the Desert?": Camus' Story of Janine by Juliet Rohde-Brown

Walking Toward Green Man: Encounters with the Sacred Masculine by Drew Smith

Mundus Imaginalis: Bridging Body and Spirit by D. Steven Nouriani