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Psychological Perspectives, 60(2)
Epidemic of Trauma and Fear

Main articles include:
"Anima Mundi: The Epidemic of Collective" by Eberhard Riedel

"Trauma, War, and Spiritual Transformation: A Mythological Perspective" by Raina Manuel-Paris

"An Appearance of the Collective Unconscious in a Military Mental Health Clinic" by Thomas Christian

"Trauma-Worlds and the Wisdom of Marion Woodman" by Daniela Sieff

"C. G. Jung and Norman Cohn Explain Pizzagate: The Archetypal Dimension of a Conspiracy Theory" by Jim Kline

"Opening the Heart: An Interview with Steve Parker" by Robert Henderson

"The Healing of Nations" by John O'Brien

"Jung, Phenomenology: Chiasm and Communion" by Leland Guthrie

"In Praise of Anger" by Ronald Schenk

"Alchemy as a Psychological Model" by Robin Robertson