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Psychological Perspectives, 60-1
Marked for Life

Main articles include:
Marked: Tattoo as an Expression of Psyche" by Laura Buss and Karen Hodges

"The Introversion of War" by Thomas Elsner

"In Search of a New Mythology" by Anja Stadelmann

"African Healing Sacrifice, Number Symbolism, and the Psychology of C. G. Jung" by Lynne Radomsky

"Stepping into a Painting" by Bianca Daalder-van Iersel

"An Open Letter to a Vietnam Vet" by Barbara Child

"Marrying Mr. Rochester: Redeeming the Negative Father Complex" by Lisa Marchiano

"The Orphan Archetype" by Rose-Emily Rothenberg

"Words in the Thorns" Marshall McLuhan, Testing--One, Two, Three" by Miles Beller.