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Psychological Perspectives, 59-1:
Crossing Boundaries

Main articles include:
“'Homo Virtualis': Body, Mind, and Soul in a Virtual World" by Konstantin Rößler

"The Alchemical Osiris: From Ra to Radium" by Thom F. Cavalli

"Turning toward Earth: Themes, Sources, and Influences in the “Emerald Tablet” by Kyle Lee Williams

"Dialoguing with My Demon" by Eve Maram

"Severe Mental Illness: A Bridge between Neurochemistry and the Collective Unconscious" by Hallie B. Durchslag

"Burial and the Crossing of Boundaries" by Jamie Robles

"On the Loss of Nudity in the Men’s Locker Room" by Barry Miller

"Tender Mercies: Love, Oatmeal, and the Quest for Wholeness" by Dennis Patrick Slattery

"A Contemporary Life of Individuation: The Life and Times of George Wagner" by Suzanne Wagner