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Psychological Perspectives 55-3:
Mortality and the Millennium

The articles in this issue include:

"Visions of the Millennium: Hopi and Mayan Prophesies of the 'End Times'" by Robin Robertson

"In the Valley of the Shadow of Death: A Personal Encounter with Cancer" by Steven J. Frank

"A Mother's Death, a Daughter's Birth: A 12-Year Journey of Healing and Discovery" by Christi Taylor-Jones

"A Soft Bell Hummed Midnight" by Miles Beller

"Honoring the Mantis Between Our Toes" by Sharon Heath

"War of the Ancient Dragon: The Transformation of Violence in Sandplay" by Laurel Howe

"'Spacious Enough to Receive What Came to Me':

An Interview with Naomi Ruth Lowinsky" by Robert Henderson