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Pp PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES is a beautiful journal whose mission is to promote greater consciousness by honoring and amplifying the psychology of C.G. Jung. Psychological Perspectives publishes a wide range of articles, from depth psychology to science, from politics to philosophy, as well as fiction, poetry, and current book, video and film reviews. Each issue is a feast not only for the mind but for the eye as well, filled with art that flows from the cover through the articles. Some past contributors have included prominent Jungians such as Gerhard Adler, John Beebe, Edward Edinger, James Hollis, Robert Johnson, Ernest L. Rossi, John A. Sanford, June Singer, and Marie-Louise von Franz, as well as award-winning poets Diane di Prima and W.S. Merwin. Psychological Perspectives has featured interviews with many of the luminaries of the Jungian world - and each issue spotlights a prominent contemporary artist. Published semi-annually since 1970, Psychological Perspectives now publishes quarterly issues.

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Volume 51