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The Wounded Healer: Counter-Transference from a Jungian Perspective

By: David Sedgwick


Countertransference is an important part of the analytical process. It is concerned with the analyst’s emotional response to the patient. As such, it can be a particularly difficult aspect of the analytical setting and especially so because of the threat of possible sexual involvement with the patient. At present there is little available on this difficult topic. Jungian analyst David Sedgwick tackles the subject bravely and shows how to use the countertransference in a positive way. The result is one of the finest Jungian clinical texts of recent years.

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Countertransference is a central topic in psychotherapy. However, there have been few extended studies of the process from a Jungian perspective.

The Wounded Healer breaks new ground in using detailed case histories of transference and countertransference to reveal the complexity of the analytic process. Tracing various Jungian viewpoints on the subject, David Sedgwick develops new, dynamic ideas about the nature of the therapist’s work.

The Wounded Healer will be particularly important for all clinicians and students interested n the struggles of the therapeutic process.

Edition:1st Edition
About the Author:David Sedgwick is an assistant professor at the University of Virginia.
Product Dimensions:5.4 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches
Publication Date:December 1, 1994