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Women Making Art

By: Marsha Meskimmon


Women have been making art for centuries, yet their work has been seen as secondary or has gone unrecognised altogether. Women Making Art asks why this is so, and what it would take for us to realise the extent of women’s extraordinary contribution to the arts.

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Women Making Art engages with contemporary feminist thinking on history, subjectivity and aesthetics to rework those conventions which have occluded women’s cultural agency and defined art made by women as a derivative version of a masculine norm. Rather than providing an inclusive survey of women artists, Marsha Meskimmon examines women’s art practice across five continents and in a wide range of media at a number of key moments in the twentieth century to give an understanding of the intersections of history and culture, art practice, and theoretical issues.

Examining the ways in which women artists have reclaimed, expressed and defined personal and political histories, challenged conventional western notions of dichotomous sexed subjectivity, and opened out the relationships of pleasure/knowledge, word/flesh and space/time to new ways of thinking against the grain, Meskimmon discusses the work of artists such as Deborah Lefkowitz, Trinh T. Minh-ha, Corneila Parker, Faith Ringgold, Mona Hatoum and Maria Helena Viera da Silva, as well as other, less well-known artist from around the world. Focusing on historical, theoretical and aesthetic moments in the twentieth century such as the Holocaust, the Vietnam War, the African diaspora, Queer Theory and cyberculture, Meskimmon illustrate the importance of women artists in rethinking dominant traditions and assumptions at times of cultural, political and technological change.


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About the Author:Dr. Marsha Meskimmon is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History and Theory at the University of Loughborough, UK. Her research centres on the work of women artists and expanded theoretical and critical perspectives on aesthetics, history and gendered subjectivity. She has authored a number of books and journal articles, including Women Making Art: History, Subjectivity, Aesthetics (2003) and We Weren’t Modern Enough: Women Artists and the Limits of German Modernism (1999).
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Publication Date:2003