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Where the Shadows Lie A Jungian Interpretation of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings

By: Pia Skogemann


Where the Shadows Lie looks at Tolkien’s Middle-earth. Jung’s theory of collective unconscious & archetypes provides insight to the forces of fantasy

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Where the Shadows Lie takes the reader on a journey through Tolkien’s Middle-earth, following the hobbits, their companions, and the characters they encounter on their quest. Along the way, Skogemann reveals the deep symbolic layers that are the source of joy and enchantment that many find in reading The Lord of the Rings. Aragorn, with the aid of Gandalf, Legoli, and Gimli, ascends to the throne and becomes the center of a great, unified kingdom—a symbol of the collective Self. The four hobbits, representing individual ego-consciousness, are transformed by the quest and acquire the psychological tools they need to renew the Shire—the small domain enfolded in the great.
Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious and the archetypes provide a key to understanding the forces of fantasy that are so powerful in Tolkien’s masterpiece—and thereby a key to understanding ourselves and the events of the outside world in our modern times.

Publisher: Chrion Publications
About the Author: Psychotherapist Pia Skogemann in Ishøj offers Jungian psychotherapy for clients from, among others, Glostrup and Copenhagen.
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.5 x 5.5 inches
Publication Date:2009