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Time: Rhythm and Repose

By: Marie-Louise von Franz


Marie-Louise von Franz, a distinguished analytical psychologist and a colleague of the late C.G. Jung brilliantly reveals her many insights into the function of myth and the meaning of time.


The forms of time give shape to human experience. Traditional though, from China to ancient Greece, embodies time not only in gods and goddesses but also in the various devices which measure and grasp it. Time as flux is apparent in the flow of grains in an hourglass; time as eternal return, in the circling aeons of the Indian and Mayan calendars or the tail-eating Serpent Ouroboros; time as a universal pattern of synchronous events, in the I Ching or the astrologers’ intricate figure-work. The paradoxes inherent in these parallel ways of conceiving time reveal the mysterious coincidence of Opposites which underlies the cosmos. As mankind has tried to depict time in all cultures, the author has had a rich array of worldwide visual material to draw upon for this book.


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Publisher:Thames and Hudson
About the Author:Marie-Louise von Franz (1915–1998) was the foremost student of C. G. Jung, with whom she worked closely from 1934 until his death in 1961. A founder of the C. G. Jung Institute of Zurich, she published widely on subjects including alchemy, dreams, fairy tales, personality types, and psychotherapy.
Product Dimensions:8 x 0.3 x 11 inches
Publication Date:1978