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The Feminine Entrapped Within a Fruit: A Jungian Interpretation

By: Inacio Cunha


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The main purpose of this book is to investigate the archetypal motif of the feminine entrapped within vegetable species (mainly fruits).

Several fairy tales originating in different regions (America, Europe, Africa and Eastern countries) were analyzed. Each one of these tales illustrates how the unconscious symbolizes the ordeals the feminine principle has gone through (and still goes through!) in the collective consciousness, as well as how the unconscious may deal with it.

Throughout the text, the reader will have the chance to observe the dynamics of suppression and repression of the feminine, as well as its redemption, occurring not only collectively but also as a subjective happening within the psyche of both man and woman. The symbolic meaning of each fruit portrayed in the tales, the importance of the water, the shadowy aspects of both the masculine and feminine principles are taken in to enhance the psychological understanding of the human psyche, as far as the play of oppositions is concerned. Dreams of modern man and woman are also analyzed to demonstrate the actuality of the theme.

Publisher: Chiron Publications
Publication Date: 2022