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A Strategy for a Loss of Faith: Jung’s Proposal

By: John P. Dourley


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From the Epilogue:

“It is easy to pay lip service to the values Jung felt were basic to psychological and religious maturation, far too easy when it is realized that their incarnation so often entails the loss of the faith that stands in their way…

“Jungian psychology defies manipulation in the interests of the renewal of any religious ideology. On the contrary, it holds out to the Christian or devotee of any stripe not the possibility of the revitalization of the dead but rather a surpassing compensation which would function with the force of a new revelation or dispensation.

“If the values of Jung’s good news are to be significantly realized, however, the religious horsemen of death must first be faced. Jung fingers them. They are faith, hope and charity clothed in religious or political certitude riding on behalf of the death they so gloriously seek in the name of their disparate revelations. If these enemies of humanity can be unhorsed internally, that personal wholeness and wider compassion which draws so many to Jung’s psychology may surface.

“Jung could hardly have delineated the dilemma more precisely or in greater detail. The ball is now in our court.”


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Publisher:Inner City Books
About the Author:John P. Dourley, Ph.D., O.M.I. is a Catholic priest and a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. He practices in Ottowa, Canada, where he is a professor of religious studies at Carleton University. He is the author of three other titles in this series, including The Illness That We Are: A Jungian Critique of Christianity (1984).
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.5 x 8.8 inches
Publication Date:January 1, 1993