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Psychological Perspectives #54-4: Violence and Redemption


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Violence and Redemption by Gilda Frantz
About the Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi by Nancy Mozur
In Memoriam


  1. History is a Ghost Story: Reflections on South Africa, Collective Trauma, and the Uses of Poetry by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  2. Violence and the Religious Instinct by Pamela J. Power
  3. The Story of Two Toes, Part III by Winifred J. Sharp
  4. Four: A Reflection on the Wholeness of Nature, Part II by Christophe LeMouel
  5. The Hostile Brothers: Judaism and Christianity by Daniel Rothstein


  1. Dennis Saleh: Featured Poet for 2011 by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  2. Poetry and Intention by Dennis Saleh
  3. Chrysophilia One by Dennis Saleh
  4. Chameleos by Dennis Saleh
  5. Edict by Dennis Saleh
  6. Song of Stone by Dennis Saleh
  7. Pharaoh’s Cat by Dennis Saleh
  8. Hymn Stele: To Min by Dennis Saleh
  9. The Glade by Dennis Saleh
  10. Rimmon by Dennis Saleh

Book Review

  1. Friendship and Healing: The Dreams of John Adams and Benjamin Rush. (2010). Written by Sheila Dickman Zarrow.
    Reviewed by V. Walter Odajnyk
Publisher:The C. G. Jung Bookstore
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.35 x 9 inches
Publication Date:2011