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Psychological Perspectives #48-2: Pull of the Stars


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About the Artist: Marlene Frantz by Nancy Mozur
Pondering Awe


  1. Kali, Individuation, and the Primordial Unconsciousness by Ronald T. Curran
  2. Where is Home? by Julia M. Jewett
  3. Beloved of the Beloved: When the Male Muse Appears by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  4. Desert Dreaming: Tracking Psyche through the Landscape by Betsy Perluss
  5. Listen to the Dreams: Interview with Russell Arthur Lockhart at 65 by Robert S. Henderson
  6. Childhood Dreams and Experiences: Intimations of the Future by Kate Marcus
  7. The Psychic Activity of Dreaming by Joseph L. Henderson
  8. Convergent Patterns in Yeats and Jung by James R. Hollis
  9. Art in Jungian Analysis by Albert Kreinheder


  1. Notes for Mother’s Day by James Hall
  2. The Holiness Cup by Dianna Henning
  3. Essentials by Darlene Lasher
  4. Mexican Stage by Darlene Lasher
  5. Sleeping in Trees by Sidney McCallum Creaghan
  6. How to Approach Monsters by Sidney McCallum Creaghan
  7. Nocturne by Dennis Saleh
  8. Lot’s Wife by Ioanna Warwick
  9. The Twenty-Second Name by Ioanna Warwick

Book Reviews

  1. The Cultural Complex: Contemporary Jungian Perspectives on Psyche and Society. Written by Thomas Singer and Samuel L. Kimbles.
    Reviewed by Michael Gellert
  2. Bio Hazards: The Art and Ashes of Biographical Writing.
    Reviewed by Miles Beller
  3. Pathways to Bliss: Mythology and Personal Transformation. Written by Joseph Campbell.
    Reviewed by Dennis Patrick Slattery
  4. Threads, Knots, Tapestries: How a Tribal Connection Is Revealed through Dreams and Synchronicities. Written by Tess Castleman.
    Reviewed by J. Marvin Spiegelman
  5. The Archetype of Renewal: Psychological Reflections on the Aging, Death and Rebirth of the King. Written by D. Stephenson Bond.
    Reviewed by Deborah Wesley
  6. The Holy Longing: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Yearning. Written by Connie Zweig.
    Reviewed by J. Gordon Nelson

Film Reviews

  1. Sideways.
    Reviewed by Joyce King Heyraud
Publisher:The C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.35 x 9 inches
Publication Date:2005