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Psychological Perspectives #50-2: Meeting at the Well


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Meeting at the Well by Charles Zeltzer
Tending the Sacred by Caroline Green


  1. Buddhist Influences on the Idea of the Unconscious by Irvin A. Hansen
  2. Re-Enchanting the Mind: Oracles, Reading, Myth and Mantics by Stephen Karcher
  3. Jung’s Affinity for Buddhism: Misunderstandings and Clarifications by Michele Daniel
  4. The Legend of the White Snake: A Personal Amplification by Chie Lee
  5. Sam I Am: The Life and Cultural Afterlife of Samuel Beckett a Century after His Birth by Miles Beller
  6. Matter of Heart: Suzanne Wagner at 68 by Robert Henderson
  7. Seven Paths of the Hero in Lord of the Rings: The Path of Opposites by Robin Robertson


  1. Principles of Chaos by Dennis Saleh
  2. Max Ernst, Sedona by Dennis Saleh
  3. At Horseshoe Lake: Eastern Sierra Nevada by Ioanna Warwick
  4. After by Andrena Zawinski
  5. Bittersweets for Camellia by Andrena Zawinski
  6. Out of Control or The Story of My Life in One Dream and Thirteen Lines by Andreana Zawinski
  7. Duets for the End of Time by Jan Wesley

Book Reviews

  1. Jane Goodall: The Woman Who Redefined Man. 2006. Written by Dale Peterson
    Reviewed by Kathryn Rossi
  2. The Break-Out Heuristic: The New Neuroscience of Mirror Neurons, Consciousness, and Creativity in Humand Relationships. 2007. Written by Ernest Rossi.
    Reviewed by Ann Walker
  3. I Am a Strange Loop. 2007. Written by Douglas Hofstadter.
    Reviewed by Ernest Rossi
  4. Pregnant Darkness: Alchemy and the Rebirth of Consciousness. 2004. Written by Monica Wikman.
    Reviewed by Ann Walker

Film Reviews

  1. Reflections on the Sixth Annual Tribeca Film Festival.
    Reviewed by Joyce King Heyraud
Publisher:The C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.4 x 9 inches
Publication Date:2007