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Psychological Perspectives #60-1: Marked for Life


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Marked for Life by Gilda Frantz


  1. Marked: Tattoo as an Expression of Psyche by Laura Buss and Karen Hodges
  2. The Introversion of War by Thoma Elsner
  3. In Search of a New Mythology by Anja Stadelmann
  4. African Healing, Sacrifice, Number Symbolism, and the Psychology of C. G. Jung by Lynne Radomsky
  5. Stepping into a Painting by Bianca Daalder-van Iersel
  6. An Open Letter to a Vietnam Veteran by Barbara Child
  7. Marrying Mr. Rochester: Redeeming the Negative Father Complex by Lisa Marchiano
  8. The Orphan Archetype by Rose-Emily Rothenberg
  9. Words in the Thorns: Marshall McLuhan, Testing–One, Two, Three by Miles Beller


  1. Lessons by Rowena Silver
  2. The Parting by Rowena Silver
  3. O, My Love by Tom Splitt
  4. The Hunter by Greg Mahr

Book Review

  1. Energies and Patterns in Psychological Type: The Reservoir of Consciousness. (2017). Written by John Beebe.
    Reviewed by Vicky Jo Varner

Film Review

  1. A Royal Affair. (2012). Directed by Nikolaj Arcel.
    Reviewed by Arlene Landau
Publisher:The C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
Product Dimensions:6.8 x .025 x 10 inches
Publication Date:2017