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Psychological Perspectives #52-2: Alchemical Transformation


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Alchemical Transformation by Robin Robertson
About the Artist: Larry Vigon by Nancy Mozur


  1. Goethe’s Faust and the Myth of Modern Man by Irene Gerber-Munch
  2. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Faust as Jung’s Myth and Our Own by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  3. Excerpt from Goethe’s Faust: Notes for a Jungian Commentary by Edward P. Edinger
  4. Sir Isaac Newton, Alchemist by Craig Chalquist
  5. New Horizons for Jungian Scholars: The Work of the Philemon Foundation by Nicholas Lewin
  6. Seven Paths of the Hero in Lord of the Rings: The Path of Love by Robin Robertson


  1. Featured Poet: Richard E. Messer by Naomi Lowinsky
  2. Trying to Get Home by Richard E. Messer
  3. Subtle Body
  4. Healing
  5. The Houses
  6. How We Are Lived
  7. A Tree in the Garden
  8. What I Wanted
  9. Dream Monologue
  10. Mud Creek
  11. My Father’s Search for Perfect Arrowheads

Book Reviews

  1. The Principle of Individuation: Toward the Development of Human Consciousness. (2006). Written by Murray Stein.
    Reviewed by J. Marvin Spiegelman
  2. The Way of the Small: Why Less is Truly More. (2008). Written by Michael Gellert, with a foreword by Thomas Moore.
    Reviewed by J Gordon Nelson
  3. The Hidden Spirituality of Men: Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine. (2008). Written by Matthew Fox.
    Reviewed by Richard Messer
  4. Spirits and Scalpels: The Culturalbiology of Religious Healing in Brazil. (2008). Written by Sidney M. Greenfield.
    Reviewed by Ernest Lawrence Rossi

Film Review

  1. The Dark Knight. (2008). Written by Christopher and Jonathan Nolan.
    Directed by Christopher Nolan.
    Reviewed by John Porterfield
Publisher:The C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.3 x 9 inches
Publication Date:2009