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Psychological Perspectives #54-3: Epochal Anniversaries


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Epochal Anniversaries: Jung and Aion by Gilda Frantz
About the Artist: Reflections on Fish-ing by Nancy Mozur


  1. Jung and Aion: Time, Vision, and a Wayfaring Man by Lance S. Owens
  2. The Story of Two Toes, Part II by Winifred J. Sharp
  3. Gifts of The Red Book by Ann Ulanov
  4. The Fable: “The Traveling Man and the Man Beneath the Tree” by Bob Coalson
  5. My Time with Mr. Bernard by William Alexy


  1. Red Book Poems by Leah Shelleda
  2. This Space Intentionally Left Blank by Miles Beller
  3. Dreams of the Quilt by Nellie Hill
  4. Evening at the Lake by Nellie Hill
  5. Often, a Voice by Phyllis Stowell
  6. Wind, Water, Wood by Phyllis Sotwell

Book Reviews

  1. The Original of Laura (Dying is Fun). (2009). By Vladimir Nabkov. Edited by Dmitri Nabkov.
    Reviewed by Miles Beller
  2. The Beauty Between Words. (2010). By Dennis Patrick Slattery and Chris Paris.
    Reviewed by Brian Landis

Film Reviews

  1. Appointment with the Wise Old Dog: Dream Images in a Time of Crisis. (1997). Paintings and commentary by David Blum.
    Reviewed by Cindy Stanberry
  2. I Am Love. (2009). Directed by Luca Guadagnino.
    Reviewed by Joyce King Heyraud
Publisher:The C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
Product Dimensions:6 x 0.3 x 9 inches
Publication Date:2011