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Psychological Perspectives #60-2: Epidemic of Trauma and Fear


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A Worldwide Epidemic of Fear and Trauma by Gilda Frantz
About the Artist: Laurie Lipton by Nancy Mozur


  1. Anima Mundi: The Epidemic of Collective Trauma by Eberhard Riedel
  2. Trauma, War, and Spiritual Transformation: A Mythological Perspective by Raina Manuel-Paris
  3. An Appearance of the Collective Unconscious in a Military Mental Health Clinic Thomas M. Christian
  4. Trauma-Worlds and the Wisdom of Marion Woodman Daniela F. Sieff
  5. C. G. Jung and Norman Cohn Explain Pizzagate: The Archetypal Dimension of a Conspiracy Theory by Jim Kline
  6. “Opening the Heart”: An Interview with Steve Parker by Robert Henderson
  7. The Healing of Nations by John A. O’Brien
  8. Jung and Phenomenology: Chiasm and Communion by Leland Guthrie
  9. In Praise of Anger by Ronald Schenk
  10. Alchemy as a Psychological Model by Robin Robertson


  1. My Mother’s Bed by Strawn Bovee
  2. Sonnet by Blake Bishton
  3. A Moment by Doyle Hollister
  4. The Kiss by Josie Kelly
  5. Ruby Throat by Josie Kelly

Book Reviews

  1. Jacob and Esau: On the Collective Symbolism of the Brother Motif. (2015).
    By Erich Neumann
  2. Turbulent Times, Creative Mins: Erich Neumann and C. G. Jung in Relationship (1933-1960). (2016). Edited by Erel Shalit and Murray Stein.
    Reviewed by J. Marvin Spiegelman

Film Review

  1. Embrace of the Serpent. (2015). Written by Ciaro Guerra and Jacques Toulemonde Vidal. Directed by Ciro Guerra.
    Reviewed by Deldon McNeely
Publisher:The C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles
Product Dimensions:6.8 x 0.35 x 10 inches
Publication Date:2017