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Psychological Perspectives #65-1: Compassionate Witnessing


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  1. Compassionate Witnessing by Pamela Freundl Kirst
  2.  About the Artist: Matthew Chase-Daniel by Julie Chase-Daniel


  1.  Compassionate Witnessing: Raising Lunar Consciousness in Two Acts by Carolyn Bates and August Cwik
  2.  Mark Rothko: Painting as Illustrated Nadir of Psyche’s Journey through the Underworld by Lynlee Lyckberg
  3.  Holy Shit by Molly Jordan
  4.  Jung and Ravenna: The Red Book, Visioning, Rebirth by Daniela Boccassini
  5.  The Significance of the Tao for Jung and Heidegger by Laurence Browne
  6.  On the Analyst’s Biases: Examples of Heteronormativity and of Polyamory by Giorgio Tricarico
  7.  The Power of Story Telling: Michaela Kopp-Marx in Conversation with Author Patrick Roth by Michaela Kopp-Marx


  1.  Father with a Cigarette by Kathleen Reeves
  2.  Washing Away Father by Kathleen Reeves
  3.  Leaving by Kathleen Goldblatt
  4.  Father Tucked Away by Kathleen Goldblatt
  5.  And This is Love by Kathleen Goldblatt
  6.  Mercury Pools by Paul Stoddard

Book Review

  1. Starlite Terrace. (2013). By Patrick Roth.
    Reviewed by Michaela Kopp-Marx

Film Review

  1. Star Wars: Episode VII. (Abrams, 2012),
    Episode VIII (Johnson, 2017), And
    Epixode IX (Abrams, 2019).
    Reviewed by Steven Galipeau.