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Psychological Perspectives #64-2: The Dark Feminine


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  1. The Dark Feminine by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  2. About the Art: Dark Feminine by Nancy Mozur


  1. Remembering Robin Robertson by J. Gordon Nelson

In Memoriam

  1. In Memoriam: Gilda Frantz by Kieffer Katz
  2. Invoking Gilda by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky


  1. The Alchemy of Jewish Ritual, Bridge to the Transcendent by Elana Eisner
  2. Lilith: A Rabbinic Projection of the Demonic Female by Susan Schept
  3. The Golem of Prague: An Archetype by Aryeh Maidenbaum
  4. Medea by Corey Hooper
  5. Medea as the Modern Mother: Infanticide, Motherhood and Transmutation by Brooke Laufer
  6. Anima Mundi Demands a Hearing from the Heart by Laura Camille Tuley
  7. My Forbidden Love of Algae by Michael P. Gonella
  8. Unconscious Figures and Otherness: The Case of Ex Machina by Joanna Dovalis and John Izod


  1. The House is a Holy Text in the Hands of Its Owner by Dianna MacKinnon Henning
  2. What the Porch Knew by Dianna MacKinnon Henning
  3. Clover by Dianna MacKinnon Henning
  4. As You Were by Miles Beller
  5. Minotaur by Catharine J. Jones
  6. The Stillness of June by Richard Parra

Book Review

  1. Return of the Butterfly. (2018). By Sharon Heath
    Reviewed by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky