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Psychological Perspectives #63-2: Transforming Sulphur


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  1. Transforming Sulphur by Christophe Le Mouel
  2. About the Artists and Special Thanks by Nancy Mozur

In Memoriam

  1. A Rememberance of Dianne Cordic by Gilda Frantz and Margaret Johnson
  2. A Fond Farewell to Margaret Ryan by Various


  1.  The Muse of Elijah by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  2.  Hope in Turbulent Times: The Longing for Rebirth in an American Cultural Complex by Kaitryn Wertz
  3. Finding Your Inner Gun: A Jungian Perspective on Mass Shootings and American Gun Culture by Randi Gross Nathenson
  4.  I Am Not Carrying a Concealed Weapon: Reaffirming the Phallus as a Symbol of Life Rather than a Symbol of Sexual Assault, Rape, and Death by Jim Kline
  5. On the Racist Nature of the Psyche by Brockton D. Hill
  6.  Healing the Cultural Divides: A Jungian Approach by Jessie Thompson and Clifford Mayes
  7. Loss, Grief and Encountering the Numinous by Walter H. King


  1.  Raven by Doyle Hollister
  2. Tears of Ludwig by Robert Henderson
  3. My Country ‘Tis of Thee by Carol Ann Garrett
  4. Lost Voices by Merle Molofsky
  5. The Cave of Self by Merle Molofsky
  6. “Turning Ghosts Into Ancestors” by Merle Molofsky

Book Reviews

  1.  Dark Religion: Fundamentalism from the Perspective of Jungian Psychology. (2018). By Vladislav Solc and George J. Didier.
    Reviewed by Gerald A. Weiner
  2. The Archetypal Pan in America: Hypermasculinity and Terror. (2018). By Sukey Fontelieu.
    Reviewed by Janis Jennings

Film Reviews

  1.  The Lighthouse. (2019). Written for the Screen by Robert and Max Eggers.
    Reviewed by Dennis Patrick Slattery
Publication Date:2020