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Psychological Perspectives #62-4: A Guide to Inner Space


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  1.  A Guide to Inner Space by Christophe LeMouel
  2. About the Artist: Word and Image by Nancy Mozur


  1.  The Path by Deborah Wesley
  2.  Ages of Mankind
  3.  Dreams: Everyone’s Guide to Inner Space
  4.  Healing Through Renewal
  5.  Spiritual Intoxication: Getting Down to Earth
  6.  Personal Images of the Sacred
  7.  The Many Faces of the Feminine
  8.  The Animus: Help or Hindrance?
  9.  “When Righteousness and Bliss Can Kiss”: Working with Our Inner Opposites
  10.  Creatures of the Air
  11.  The Divine Child
  12.  With Appreciation for Deborah Wesley by Sharon Heath
  13. Birds, Mice, and Mysterium Coniunctionis: Reflections on What I learned from Deborah Wesley by Marlene Frantz


  1.  Featured Poet: Cat Ruiz Kigerl by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
  2.  Glimpses by Cat Ruiz Kigerl

Book Reviews

  1.  The Divine Mind: Exploring the Psychological History of God’s Inner Journey. (2016). By Michael Gellert.
    Reviewed by J. Gordon Nelson
  2.  Gypsy Fugue: An Archetypal Memoir. (2018). By Marlene Schiwy.
    Reviewed by Meg Wilbur

Film Reviews

  1.  Alpha. (2018). Directed by Albert Hughes. Screenplay by Daniele Sebastian Wiedenhaupt.
    Story by Albert Hughes.
    Reviewed by Steven Galipeau
Publication Date:2019