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Paradise Lost, A Graphic Novel

By: John Milton, Pablo Auladell


One of the oldest and most powerful stories of all time–God and Satan, Adam and Eve–retold in stunning graphic novel form through the dark and beautiful imagery of Pablo Auladell.

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Milton’s epic poem charts humanity’s fall from grace and the origin of the struggle between God and Satan, good and evil, life and death. In the aftermath of the Angels’ devastating defeat in the war for Heaven, Satan determines to seek his revenge. Meanwhile, Adam and Eve have newly awakened in the Garden of Eden..

First published nearly three hundred and fifty years ago, Paradise Lost has now been reimagined by the Spanish artist Pablo Auladell. His astonishing artwork portrays the complexity and tragedy of one of the greatest stories of all time. His bleak and surprising imagery captures the lyricism of Milton’s original for a new audience–and is a masterful tribute to a literary classic.


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Publisher:W. W. Norton and Company
About the Author:Pablo Auladell is a graphic artist from Alicante, Spain. He was the runner-up for the Illustrated Book for Children Award and won the Best New Translated Author Award in the Salo de Comic de Barcelona for the graphic novel La Tour Blanche. He teaches illustration at the University of Marcerata, Italy.
Product Dimensions:8.75 x 1.15 x 11.25 inches
Translator:Angel Gurria
Publication Date:2017