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A Magic Dwells: A Poetic and Psychological Study of the Navajo Emergence Myth

By: Sheila Moon


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A Magic Dwells is not an anthropologist’s study of Navaho culture, nor is it a scientific work in comparative mythology, although it has elements of both. The author does not center her interest on the Navaho Emergence myth in and for itself. She is, rather, concerned with the relevance of that myth to the psychological and spiritual growth of the individual.

Here is the author’s own statement of purpose: “I have tried to set forth this myth and to put together the artist’s perception and the psychologist’s perception, whether in presenting and interpreting this Emergence story, in giving examples from my psychological practice, or in summarizing various comparative mythological sources. In psychotherapy, one’s individual myths speak thus, alternating between subjectivity and objectivity, between emotional responses to inner symbols and conscious understanding of them. The cosmic preforms the eternal presences, the archetypes, move man, fill him with awe and wonder, make him ‘know’ in a different fashion. This is the ‘heart-mind’ language, some of which, I hope, is present in this book”


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Publisher:Guild for Psychological Studies
Edition:1st Edition
Product Dimensions:5.8 x 0.8 x 8.8 inches
Publication Date:September 1, 1985